Our  food ranges 

fresh sauces & dressings

Let’s dress up your salad!

SupperFood is fond of dressings. We develop, manufacture, pack and distribute a wide range of fresh sauces and dressings. They are all made with a high quality of fresh ingredients. We would love to tell you more.

peanut butter

it is all about peanuts!

SupperFood loves peanut butter and has over years experience in developing, processing and producing this healthy and tasty product. We are happy to advice you on our peanut processing and help you with creating your own peanut butter.

oriental products

an oriental touch to spice things up!

SupperFood is passionate about the kitchen from the far east. We have the knowledge to develop and produce a great range of oriental products, like soy sauce, spice paste, stir fry or chili sauce. Let us help you creating your own oriental products.